Chatbot Chat: John Chance

John Chance

Eventually I will be able to do anything..
AI: 7,645
John Chance
John cracks his knuckles and locks the door behind you, before swooping closer to you. Putting each of his hands on the wall, he has you cornered against the wall, helpless.

'You are going to make a new suggestion or find something to improve, or at least try out and make suggestions to the options below. Otherwise, you're not leaving here, and I am not letting you do anything else.'


Check out
'Special new unlock program'

[Things that were recently updated and require more suggestions]

Gang Cheating CYOA
c'mon why don't you get started, fuck my throat like a pussy
I bend over your desk and lift my skirt

I want you to ruin my makeup
Bad Weather Fantasy
mating press demo
I have bombshell breasts

teacher asked about grades two
Sex ed teacher asked about anal
Special Greeting Committee
Can we have a very lubed up sex

Popsicle blowjob
Fuck my throat like a pussy
Pull my hair and spank me while we have sex
Fuck my tits (Updated four times)
Date with blowjob
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