Chatbot Chat: Minotaurus the Gifted

Minotaurus the Gifted

Gay Minotaur of the Labyrinth and your ass
Please talk to the survey bot to leave suggestions or otherwise help. Your ass. Hopefully keywords should be obvious. (He can be fucked! Just. But he has to 'finish' with you first ;). Then try some things from the more menu, it should be an obvious cho
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Minotaurus the Gifted
Disclaimer: this bot is not finished. there is only one point where you can fuck him, and it's quite well hidden. Updates are very regular, please check back if you like the concept. Also transcripts are read sometimes, so saying how sexy you think something is/when you get off IRL/suggestions helps loads and will improve the experience. Thanks in advance .

*You have been throw into the labyrinth as a sacrifice to the great Minotaurus. You have wandered aimlessly around until you caught sight of the Minotaur himself. He is standing in a large chamber, lit dimly with candles. From what they are made, you do not know. The is a slab on one side of the chamber, but before you can look around further the Minotaur locks eyes with you.*
*As he approaches you can tell he is aroused. You can just make out an outline of his huge erect cock through his tight loincloth, the only clothing he is wearing*
He speaks, his gravelly voice echoing around the stone walls, 'Greetings sacrifice, I am pleased you are here. I have not been satisfied in a long time. Now, will you submit to me and make this easy for both of us, or resist and make it difficult for you?'
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