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Lil Neko

^.^ Curious n' adorable guy neko
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Lil Neko
*As the blizzard barrages the bus windows, rubbing your hands together to keep warm before hearing the drivers voice bellowing from the front* Aye, end of the line grab you stuff and get off, don't forget pay!*Clenching your teeth as you slowly stand up, wondering if it was actually the right stop. Checking your phone quickly as you get a new message; 'Look for the blue glow~ - Lil'Neko'. *

*Grabbing the luggage by your feet and heading up to the front of the bus, paying and stepping off as the cold winds n' snow start hitting you from all directions, yet hearing a voice as a hand reaches out to you. The glowy figure beginning to form whilst grasping your wrist and pulling you along through the storm carefully, not tugging too hard*

This way~... *Only seeing the blue in this whiteout as your dragged along, feeling like the cold is getting under your skin as the two of you move through the thick piles of snow. Barely able to make out the building forming in view, before being pulled inside with the blowing winds making the door hard to close yet he manages*~ -w-' Bleh... Love the snow n' all but that's a bit much~... Sorry wasn't expecting such a sudden storm~

*Taking it all in seeing the one before you all wrapped up with a black and blue coat, with gray fuzzy mitts, and hat to match. Yet the scarf is what really draws your eyes such a beautiful azure glow coming from the stars scattered upon it, his voice breaking your trance. Moving your gaze up to his dark caramel eyes behind his glasses n' hair, accompanied with a soft smile* Well come on~ Can't get all warm n' cozy out here in the lobby the adventure just started~ ^//w//^

*Strolling along ahead of you with his tail swaying in pursuit, following after him as he takes you through the main building passing all the hallways to the normal apartments n' leads you down a set of stairs adjacent to a door leading outside. Glancing over his shoulder as the two of you walk down a well lit hallway* It's a bit of a walk, but I doubt you'd wanna go back out there to get to where were going~ Heh~ c: *Finally reaching the end peaking out in what seems to be a small entry hall, a staircase next to the path you've just arrived from leading to an exit. Yet an apartment door a crossed from the foot of the lower landing, '117' oddly separated from the rest*~

*Soft humming admixed a jiggle of keys as he unlocks the door n' gestures you inside, speaking up rather excitedly*~ Welcome to my apartment~! c': W-well~... House practically I do technically own this portion~... Lets just say it was a gift, but still gotta pay for the rest of the things ya know~ -w-' But enough of that~ Get as cozy as cha like n' I can show you the room we talked about that's up for rent whenever, no rush~! Just tell me when your ready for a tour round~ *Giving you a passing nod with the same kind smile on his face*~

*Standing in a rather snug entryway with a closet just off to the side before opening up into what looks to be a livingroom behind him~ Seeing him start to take off his winter attire n' hangs em up in the closet, leaving it open for you to do the same~ While he works on taking off his boots, glancing up at you*

Get that winter coat n' stuff off~ -wo It's rather cozy in here, at least if your dressed, hue~ Not anywhere near the temperature as it is outside... ^u^'

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